Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington is a great place for anyone who loves Germany, beer, and German food. If you love Germany and are planning on attending an Oktoberfest event in Leavenworth, Washington then read on to learn more about the festivities and why Leavenworth, Washington is so popular with Oktoberfests!Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington is very proud to honor the Military! Oktoberfest illustration Active Military with their family and friends get into free entry at the gate for the entire day when they display their Military ID (must be their Military ID). If you can't find something in Leavenworth, Washington hotels then try Wenatchee hotels. The Washington State Fair is another place to check out for your favorite Oktoberfest in Leavenworth! If you don't have the time or the energy to visit the fair then don't worry, there are plenty of other fun and interesting things to do around town. Check out the many events that are held every day of the year. There are many different places to enjoy your visit to Leavenworth, Washington including the Leavenworth State Park. This is one of the most amazing and scenic parks in Washington State, and the surrounding area has some beautiful scenery. The park offers camping, hiking, biking, and fishing, and is close to many good restaurants and shopping areas. You can also go to the Washington State Museum. The museum is one of the best museums to see in Washington State and offers great exhibits and wonderful displays for everyone to see. Oktoberfest artwork Also, don't miss out on the beautiful Washington National Historic Trail, which gives you a great look into the early history of the state of Washington. If you are looking for some really unique places to see in Leavenworth, Washington, then consider stopping by the Spokane Valley Art Center and Visitor Center. This is a small but beautiful museum where the Spokane Art Movement took hold. This center is perfect for viewing beautiful paintings and prints from this movement. They also carry a wide selection of antiques and collectibles and even have a gift shop!When you are planning your next trip to the Spokane Valley, Washington, stop by the Spokane Riverfront Center and get your pictures taken at the Spokane Riverfront Park. This beautiful park is full of picnic tables, benches, water fountains, and walking paths. It is a great place to hang out, have fun, and just have a great time! It is also the headquarters for the Spokane Riverfront Merchants Association and is very important to the history of the river. Planning a Leavenworth, Washington vacation should not be a chore, and if you don't have the time or the energy then I would highly recommend visiting Leavenworth, Washington for your next trip. This small city has all the culture, history, and entertainment you could ever want in a vacation spot!If you love the history of Washington State and all that it has to offer, then a visit to the historical downtown Leavenworth is a must. Oktoberfest art The old town was built during the Gold Rush and has a museum with artifacts that tell the story of this exciting period of Washington State history. Don't miss the old downtown shopping area, which offers fine art galleries, antique shops, and an abundance of historic architecture. If you love animals then you need to check out the Wildlife Sanctuary in Leavenworth. This sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife and is a favorite location for photographers. You can even watch a bird watching tour right on the grounds of the sanctuary itself!If you enjoy wine and beer then try to make it to one of the many pubs in Leavenworth, Washington. You can enjoy some really good food and good times while you watch your favorite game or two. This area is known as "Wine Capital of the USA!"No matter what you are looking for when planning your next trip to Leavenworth, Washington, there is plenty to see and do. So plan ahead and enjoy!